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About the challenges

How does it work?

To participate and be eligible for the challenges at Xposed on Roobet, you need a referral. The first participant to hit the specified multiplier wins. Challenges are verified manually by Roobet and are completed on Roobet.com. Prizes are awarded exclusively to the first participant who successfully completes each challenge.

What can I get from the challenges?

Every challenge details the reward to be given upon completion. Rewards will be sent through Roobet.com from the account XposedTwo. Ensure your xposed.tv account is verified with your Roobet username by logging in through the provided link.

Are Bonus Buys allowed?

Yes, Bonus Buys are allowed. We will only take the basebet into account for the challenge.

How do I claim my reward?

Once you have completed the challenge, you will need to submit your bet ID and the time of the win to the Xposed Discord!